Under Promise, Over Deliver


It seems like such an easy concept — under promise and over deliver. But all too often, we fail at this. Why?

I think sometimes we really want to impress a client, or our boss, or a co-worker, so we start inching down the path of over promising.

“You need that copy in an hour? No problem.”

“You want that market analysis by this afternoon? Sure.”

“You want a completely new campaign with all new messaging and creative by the end of the week? Of course.”

Maybe we feel threatened if we don’t over promise. Perhaps we think that our client/boss/co-worker will think less of us if we ask for an adequate amount of time to complete the task. But even if we somehow make that crazy deadline, will the product we deliver be our best effort?

Probably not.

Good work takes time. And no one will complain about getting more than they expected, or getting things sooner than promised. Never promise more than you can deliver. And always deliver more than you promise.

Do this consistently and your customers and clients will always love you.