Quit talking and start doing

I’m one of  those people that likes to visualize the outcome. While that sounds like a good thing, at times it can be debilitating. Sometimes when I’m visualizing, I start to consider all the ways a project or campaign will fail. And as the number of ways something can crash and burn grows, I start wondering if we should even launch. The thinking becomes, “Why go to the trouble of development and launch if it’s very likely to fail anyway.” We end up delaying or canceling based on nothing more than momentary fears.

This kind of thinking is fallacy.

While it’s easy for us to speculate on all the ways a project can fail, if we’ve done our due diligence, if we’ve properly planned and tried to anticipate obstacles and issues, we have a much better chance of success than we realize.

The key is to keep moving forward. Don’t let those momentary fears of failure pull you into an endless loop of analysis and self doubt.

Quit talking about what you want to do. Quit thinking about all the ways you can fail. Start doing and adjust along the way as necessary.