Our Approach To Marketing

Rational Marketing takes the time to understand your product and how it compares to others in the marketplace. We look at your pricing to determine if you are priced right for the market. We look at how you are positioned and is it consistent with your product and pricing.

From that, we develop messaging for your marketing communications, and provide solutions on how to best communicate with your customers.

Who is Rational Marketing & Communications?

Rational Marketing & Communications is a group of marketing professionals dedicated to generating sales for our clients. It's not enough to do great work, our efforts must yield results for our clients. We are experienced in all facets of marketing - from the basics of product development, pricing, and positioning to the latest channels of marketing communication.

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Steve Hartley

Senior Marketing Consultant

A highly effective, results-oriented leader with extensive marketing and advertising experience. Demonstrated success in building and positioning brands, developing and executing marketing strategy, and leading a marketing team. A holistic marketer, achieving results by combining the optimal mix of traditional marketing channels, digital marketing channels, the sales force, and all areas of the operation. Detail oriented, with the ability to see the ‘big picture’ of the organization’s goals and efforts.

Areas of strength and experience include: Leadership, Strategic and Tactical Planning, Branding and Brand Management, Marketing Management, Digital Marketing/Online Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Marketing Research, Direct Mail/Direct Response, Creative Production, CRM Communications, Email Marketing, SEO and Website Optimization.

Steve is an avid Godzilla fan (the original movies).

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