What is Rational Marketing?

Rational Marketing is comprised of a team of marketing experts passionate about delivering custom-designed solutions strategies to help you grow your business. We develop this by first understanding you and your business. What you do. What you produce. What sets you apart from your competition.

We look at every aspect of what your organization does to understand how best to communicate to your customers. Then we work to understand your customers - what motivates them, what problem or need they're trying to solve, what affects their purchasing decision.

Rational Marketing looks at your product and how it stacks up against similar products, your pricing and how it compares to your competitors, and how you position your product in the marketplace.

We develop strategies that resonate with your customers and provide marketing solutions to best reach them. We do that by being channel neutral. We believe that you should use the channel that will put your message in from of your customers and convince them to buy.

Our ultimate goal is to increase your business. Let’s start a conversation about how we can do that for you.  Call us at 205-381-6894 or info@rationalmarcom.com.


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