5 Things To Consider When Creating Content

Content Marketing is so prevalent nowadays there’s even some who are saying there’s too much of it.  Regardless, more and more companies creating content to help differentiate them from their competitors, position themselves as industry thought leaders, and ultimately earn the loyalty and trust of customers.

This article isn’t about the marketing behind your Content Marketing. Rather, it’s about how to make your content better. And better content will help your company or organization’s marketing.

With that in mind, here are 5 Things To Consider When Creating Content.

Is your content on-brand?

Is your content something that represents your brand positively, or is it something you’re posting just for clicks? Consider whether the content is related to your brand. Content about topics that are in no way related to what you do or what you produce will have little value in acquiring and retaining customers.

Is your content relevant to your target market?

Closely related to being on-brand, you must consider whether your content is relevant to your target market. Will it have meaning for them? Just because it’s meaningful and relevant to you, doesn’t necessarily mean it will be meaningful and relevant to your target audience. Consider their needs, what issues they’re facing, and what problems they’re trying to solve.

Is your content timely?

Content that’s out of date makes prospective customers question if your company (and your product or service) is also out of date. The same holds true when you try to take advantage of something that’s been in the news, weeks after it has dropped out of the news cycle. Trying to create content based on a trend that’s already passed by, can make you look out of touch. Instead, your content should be forward looking, giving your audience insights and first looks at what is coming, not what’s in the past.

Is your content readable?

Make your content interesting, brief, and to the point.

Is your content useful?

For your Content Marketing to be successful, you must think of your audience first. Give them something they can use – insights or information they may not have known, a “how-to” that helps to easily solve a common problem, or something that makes their work a bit easier.

Start with these five basics of Content Marketing to make your content stand apart from much of what is being posted.